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We are independent Christian school that offers reviewing and testing program

What We Offer

At Faith Community Christian School in Bridgeport, Connecticut, our 10-weeks program includes:


  • Language Arts

  • Writing

  • Social Studies

  •  Science 

  • Mathematics


  • Diploma/Certificate of Completion

  • Transcript

  • Cap, Gown, and Tassel


How Do We Do It?

For our first contact with you (the student), we wish to establish a relationship by understanding your needs. This involves completing an intensive questionnaire that covers the following information:

  • Basic Profile

  • Your Needs

  • Your Lacks

  • Your Hopes and Dreams

  • What Held You Back?

Upon completion, we’ll develop an individualized plan to assist the student in achieving success.

Our quality control includes supervising both our students and monitors. Moreover, we’ll support and adjust their plans regularly.

Who Do We Care For?

People who desire a high school diploma, including:




The Program



Must be 18 years of age or older.

Ready, Set, Go

Enroll and receive Transfer Credit:

  •  Faith Community Christian School provide transcript based on our evaluation.

  • Open house kick off to welcome you on our programs.

  • Our program runs three times a year

Complete your high school diploma courses (at your own pace):

  • Instant feedback on lessons and exams

  • Academic Support Services

Get help whenever you need it:

Academic Coach

  • Qualified, certified monitors
  • Instructors
  • Graduate, and receive the following:

    Accredited High School Diploma and 1 Sealed Official Transcript ($75 Fee)

  • Career Certificate (Additional requirements may apply)
  • Graduation Cap and Tassel (Additional Fees Applied)
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    Q. Is Faith Community Christian School Accredited?

    A. Through its academic partner, Faith Community Christian School provides all its graduates with a National and Regional accredited High School Diploma

    Q. How Long is the program?

    A. On average our students complete our program within 3 months. 

    Q. Do I need to go to a testing place to take my exams?

    A. No, the entire program focuses reviewing and testing our students .

    Q. Does Faith Community Christian School accept transfer credits from other schools?

    A. Students 18 years of age must present a dismissal letter from the previous school in order to be accepted into Faith Community Christian School.

    Q. Can I use this Diploma to go to any college?

    A. Acceptance of a high school diploma varies based on the college or university preference. There is no guarantee of acceptance by any institute or employer of a diploma due to its accreditation. We recommend that our potential student checks with their college or university of preference to see if they will accept the Independent high school diploma before enrolling in our program.

    We Support You

    Student support is in our core values! From the moment a student calls us until the day they graduate and receive their diploma. 

    Upon enrolling, every student is assigned an Academic Coach who is there to be their cheerleader, answer questions, connect them with instructors for academic support, and provide any guidance and motivation that is needed.

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